CME Pro WIDI Thru6 BT with Bluetooth MIDI

CME Pro @CMEPro1 the innovator and contributing board member of the MIDI Association, recently introduced the WIDI Thru6 BT Wireless MIDI 2-In-6-Out Hub for Studio, Stage and Mobile music making.


Future-Proof 32-bit Processor
High-precision transmission at four times the speed with groundbreaking accuracy.
Extremely Accurate Transmission
100% exact transfer of all MIDI messages. Including Clock, Sysex, MTC and MPE.
High-speed Optocoupler
Seamless synchronization of all MIDI devices with secure error-free MIDI data input.
Premium Bluetooth MIDI
Ultra-low 3ms latency advanced wireless MIDI connectivity for studio and stage.
USB-C Power Supply
Versatile power supply with general USB charger, power bank or USB hub.
CME Pro People-centric Service
Lifetime updates with 24/7 online support and hassle-free 1-to-1 warranty replacement.

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