Principles & Practice

I am Muirén, founder of M3iT Applications Development, Prefigurative Social & Technological Innovation in Art, Science, Performing Arts and Communications.

The ends a social movement seeks to achieve are shaped by the means it employs, so this California Benefit Corporation is rooted in values of learning, exploration, experimentation, and creation enabled by a deeper study and practice of cooperative problem-solving and decision-making, socio-economic solidity, non-extractive labor, seeking through art and science to optimize human strengths ― accommodate human limitations.

Prefigurative Politics: The Psychology Behind Political Activism

Dive into the intersection of psychology and political activism with David Clarke and John Drury’s latest study. It uncovers how prefigurative politics, where the future is enacted in the present, is influenced by psychological processes like empowerment and community building.

This research sheds light on the social and psychological underpinnings driving contemporary political movements, offering a fresh perspective on activism.

📜 Paper title: “Emergent Prefigurative Politics and Social Psychological Processes: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda”

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