I am Muirén, and M3ıT means Multi-Modal MIDI Information Technology, and is mostly an umbrella for a range of different hardware and software explorations, most of it MIDI-based with application in the performing arts, far beyond electronic music instrument controllers.

My specific focus is on leveraging the untapped potential of the MIDI 2.0 now that real-world development tools are finally making their way into the hands of grassroots hackers and makers.

It is an extension of my🧙🏾‍♀️TınyMaker.SpaceProject, an organizing, evangelizing force, and funding source with the goal of establishing a more permanent home and makerspace that is self-supporting through it own efforts, primarily through sales of uniquely crafted, tangible fusions of art and tech, performing arts, and collaborative contributions of time, talent, and treasure by its patron cooperative.

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