2023 MIDI Guitar • Physical Modeling Synthesis | LoFiLeif

You have probably seen the term “Physical Modeling synthesis” being used to explain what to expect from a particular virtual instrument. But what does it mean for MIDI Guitar, in our ever-ongoing quest to find the best working instrument? A lot, I would argue. A lot!

The First Recorded Sound Was Never Meant To Be Heard | Joe Scott

The first sound recording is often credited to Thomas Edison, but in 1857, a typographer named Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville actually beat him by inventing the phonautograph, a device designed to capture sound waves on paper. It was never meant to be heard, but more than 150 years later, researchers were able to reproduce the sound and bring it back to life. It’s an amazing story – and it happened almost on accident.


Could America Have A General Strike Like France? | More Perfect Union

The Class Room featuring Alice Cappelle
When millions of French protesters shut down their country over the president’s decision to raise the retirement age, U.S. commentators said it could never happen here. But why?

To find out why, we went back through decades of U.S. and French history. We took a look at the different narratives we tell ourselves about strikes and the different laws protecting the right to collective action in the United States and Europe.

Building Your USB MIDI 2.0 Device | MIDI.ORG

By Andrew Mee in collaboration with the OS API Working Group
This technical guide to building a USB MIDI 2.0 device is the first in a series of articles targeted specifically to device developers.
For musicians, please see this article: https://midi.org/midi-articles/what-musicians-and-artists-need-to-know-about-midi-2-0

USB MIDI 2.0 was released by the USB-IF in June 2020, with Apple adding support within CoreMIDI in October 2021 and Google added support in Android in August 2022. At the time of writing, Microsoft has announced upcoming support for MIDI 2.0 and now on a public Github, and also patches have been submitted by ALSA for inclusion in Linux Kernel 6.5. An update to the MIDI 2.0 UMP specification was approved in the first half of 2023.

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The Education Myth: How Human Capital Trumped Social Democracy

“The Education Myth” challenges the prevailing notion that education is the primary avenue to economic opportunity in America. Author Jon Shelton, associate professor and chair of Democracy & Justice Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, explores the historical shift in the perception of education’s role in society, revealing that its connection to economic well-being was not always inevitable.

While early public education aimed to foster democratic participation, the mid-20th century saw the rise of the education myth, stifling social democratic alternatives and sidelining notions of economic security and social dignity for all.

Shelton tracks the transformation from the 1960s onward, as both Democrats and Republicans, including figures like Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, perpetuated this myth, leading to an unequal economy and a deeply divided political landscape over the past four decades.
Link to the book at Cornell University Press

For a spot on book review, point your browser to:

Public Education Is Vital for Democracy. But It’s Not the Solution to Poverty or Inequality
By Jennifer C. Berkshire | Jacobin

3D Printed vs Aluminum Injection Molds | JohnSL

There has been a lot of interest recently in 3d printed vs aluminum injection molds. I know I thought about that. At first glance, it seems that using 3d printed mold inserts would be faster and easier than making aluminum molds. That turns out not to be the case, and there are other downsides to using 3d printed mold inserts.

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