What Is Afrobeats? | The Root

On this edition of Cheatsheet, what is Afrobeats? Liberian afrobeat musician Abraham “Detrench” Kallon describes the fusion of sounds that make up the West African genre, from Fela Kuti to today.

2023 MIDI Guitar • Physical Modeling Synthesis | LoFiLeif

You have probably seen the term “Physical Modeling synthesis” being used to explain what to expect from a particular virtual instrument. But what does it mean for MIDI Guitar, in our ever-ongoing quest to find the best working instrument? A lot, I would argue. A lot!

The First Recorded Sound Was Never Meant To Be Heard | Joe Scott

The first sound recording is often credited to Thomas Edison, but in 1857, a typographer named Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville actually beat him by inventing the phonautograph, a device designed to capture sound waves on paper. It was never meant to be heard, but more than 150 years later, researchers were able to reproduce the sound and bring it back to life. It’s an amazing story – and it happened almost on accident.


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