Exploring MIDI 2.0 with Microsoft’s Pete Brown

MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) is a system for connecting musical instruments and has been around since the early 80s. The MIDI 2.0 specification marks the most significant change to the protocol in its lifetime, and Pete Brown’s team is working to introduce a new MIDI stack into Windows.

Pete explains what MIDI is and delves into the reasons behind the necessity of MIDI 2.0. He discusses Microsoft’s decision to rewrite the MIDI stack on Windows, making it open source, and highlights the benefits this will bring, and treats us to live demos showcasing the new MIDI 2.0 functionality in Windows 11. Here are links to the Windows MIDI Services GitHub https://aka.ms/midi,Windows MIDI Discord https://discord.gg/a9wxVTsA, and The MIDI Association https://midi.org

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