Social Ecological Theory + Sociocracy | M3iT

Our proposal for intentional community is predicated on a sociocratic model of relationship management informed by a Socio-Ecological perspective, better known as Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory (critical analysis and understanding of people in context).

The intention is to automate and augment many tedious aspects of Cooperative Relationship Management, affording more time for higher quality social interactions that no mechanized or digital system can replace.

This CoRM+ DSS or Decision Support System takes the form of a secure community Intranet as Infranet: a secure local network with Internet access as public infrastructure, for democratized personal and collaborative labor + task sharing, resources and economic management, community systems modelling and analysis, planning and decision-making.

In this way, we enabled a high degree of personal autonomy with equally high communal awareness and social cohesion. A homeodynamic, creative, adaptive, agile permacultural approach to maintaining healthy equilibrium and resilience.
“To Optimize Human Strengths ― Accommodate Human Limitations”

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