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MIDI 2.0 UDP Network Panel April 2024

In April 2024, the MIDI 2.0 Transport Working Group of the MIDI Association held a meeting to record their progress towards a new Transport specification. This specification will define the mechanisms and the message format for exchanging Universal MIDI Packet messages via a local area network. This enables the transport of MIDI 1.0 Protocol and MIDI 2.0 Protocol. This also defines discovery of available Network MIDI devices and Hosts, and management of Network MIDI Sessions.

Recent Updates to MIDI 2.0 & the MIDI 2.0 APIs

Members of the MIDI Association will provide a high-level overview of the latest updates to MIDI 2.0 specifications and the brand new MIDI 2.0 APIs in the Apple, Google, Linux, and Microsoft operating systems. There will be an overview of specifications being worked on, including the Piano, MPE, Orchestral Articulation, and Camera Control Profiles, and the Network Transport specifications, all of which are nearing completion.

What Is Afrobeats? | The Root

On this edition of Cheatsheet, what is Afrobeats? Liberian afrobeat musician Abraham “Detrench” Kallon describes the fusion of sounds that make up the West African genre, from Fela Kuti to today.

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